A Bit More about Myself: The “Why” that Made Me Discover Sociology


It is almost a year ago that I decided to start this blog and so far I have been able to publish at least one new post per month. I hope these posts have at least somewhat helped some people navigate their way through higher education.

This month I was asked to write a blog post on another, more personal matter. Why did I ditch my potential career as corporate employee and chose to do a PhD in Sociology instead? There are many reasons why I did it, but for me the key argument was that I wanted to step out of the system that we call capitalism in order to better understand it and find fulfilment in trying to improve it.

Academia, and sociology in particular, allow me to do just that. You can first of all investigate questions that bother you and secondly you can then try to make it better! Read more on how I discovered sociology and why I became a great advocate of a lifestyle as social scientist on the Sociology@LSE blog, following below link.



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